Hi, I’m Manfred Zilling
Digital Business Developer.

I really love moreless all kind of online competition and working with people who are also: passioned, like to be challenged and open minded. I use business intelligence and data science to scale up start ups and corporate spin offs from medium and big size businesses, but also helping established companies / pure player to reach their customers more effectively using smarter metrics and state-of-the-art (digital) marketing and data science approaches (in case they doesn`t exist, I innovate them in an open manner). Furthermore I create new digital business models and products to bring more value add to existing and new customers developing strong growth in revenue. It also means that because of my input as an innovative promotor, the teams are strongly riding the learning curve to become moreless the best in class.

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What I Do with Passion ❤

Defining Business Strategy on C-Level

To transform business more with regard to digital value add and revenue on digital channels or models it is needed to understand the status quo of the company but also being totally aware of the state of the art of digital opportunities and reach channels. Deriving these two insights and making them equally clear is part of my experienced work.

Generating Digital and Processual Fitness

To gain market share and scaling up revenue it is mandatory to establish digital keen and innovative company culture and also defining processes which get the jobs done.

Reaching the Right Customers the Strongest Way

A good offer is great, but it needs to reach the right customer with willingness to pay. In time of strongest competition it is necessary to do it with highest possible involvement and best allocated ressources.

Challenging Teams the Friendly Way

In short form: smooth kick ass with a smile. Means: Defining really strong but reachable goals, producing a company culture bases on trust and open innovation with regard to people. And: Mean it (always friendly)!

Creating/Defining Successful Real and Digital Products

There is often untapped potential for developing new products, both real and digital, by incorporating the digital state of the art. And as far as customer voices from the sales channels are included, success can hardly be avoided (not to forget the other above and below mentioned points).

Using Data Science & AI to Realize Significant Market Shares

Being successful means to know how, better: to know how many from what and when. This needs smart tools, the right analysis and metrics to understand fully market, customer, competitors and offered products with aim to be best in class.

20+ Years of Digital and Online Experience

Resume (selection)


Business Development Skills

Serial-Entrepreneur / Capacity for Innovation / Team-Leader
(Innovate) Digital Business Models
Developing (e-)Business / eCommerce
Advisor / Sparring / Moderator / Promotor
Technology / Digitalisation Expert
Logistics / Fulfillment

Channel / Misc. Skills

Generating Reach/Awareness online
Amazon, ebay and EU Marketplaces
SEO, SEA and Affiliate
Social Media (Performance)
Performance TV
Programmatic Ad Tools
2005 - today

Business Advisor | Chief

Interim Chief Growth Officer CGO

Mature Business | Unit Building and Enhancing Internal Competencies (2022 - )

Full responsibility of digital performance and growth approaches, generating strong scale up in leads. Establishing efficent processes and groupwide collaboration to convert more leads into customers, optimzing the overall customer journey. Re-define brand awareness and design, process and interface management in all sales channels, incl. fulfillment; reporting directly to the owner.
Subject: EU Top 5 Company in Distance Education Industry, >75Mio.€ revenue p.a., >500 employees.

CDO, CSO eCommerce

Spin-off | Company Building (2017 - 2020)

Establishment and full responsibility of the eCommerce business as an independent business unit, as well as defining the holding company as the parent for the Group's spin-off and innovation activities. Building brand design, process and interface management in all sales channels, also fulfillment and online marketing; accompanying the generation change; reporting directly to the owner.
Subject: Top 5 Company in Packaging Industry, >600Mio.€ revenue p.a.

Interim CMO Marketplaces

Establish MP Sales Channels (2018 - 2020)

Establish sales via Amazon and ebay with bestseller, retail and private label concept, channel penetration and cost optimization; report directly to owner.
Subject: No. 1 EU Online Pure Player Lighting Retail, >230Mio.€ revenue p.a.

Consultant for Strong Reach Development

SEO and Content, Conversion (2011 - 2018)

Optimizing Online Retailer of photo products with regard to SEO, SEA and especially to Content and Conversion.
Subject: Top5 DACH Online Pure Player Photo Products, >20Mio.€ revenue p.a.

Interim CMO | Consultant Education

SEO, SEA and Content/Conversion (2009 - 2020)

Optimizing educational offers of private universities and private VC financed tutoring providers with regard to SEA, SEO and especially to Content and Conversion. Establishing Lead & CRM-Management with regard to best KPIs.
Subject: Top DACH educational providers, sum: >25Mio.€ revenue p.a.

1997 - today

Entrepreneurial Experience

Schlager.de (DTMP GmbH) - MBI | Advisor

Co-Founder | CMO | Partner (2013 - today)

Acquisition of shareholders, process design, establishment of networks and SEO infrastructures (strong scaling up reach), development of new business areas.

DIDPM - German Institute for Digital Performance Marketing GmbH

Co-Founder | Partner (2010 - today)

Developing of eCommerce systems, doing SEO, SEM.

CEO byMii GmbH

Innovator | Co-Founder | CEO (2010 - 2015)

Defining Social Commerce System and developing prototype for FC Bayern München.

CEO Ciiju GmbH

Innovator | Co-Founder | CEO (2008 - 2016)

Generating first EU legal music sharing network incl. user regulation by implmentation of mid-frequency id in songs.

CEO tirmondo GmbH

Co-Founder | CEO (1997 - today)

Company Building of one of the Top 5 in Online Reach in DACH with regard to Farm- und Truck Tires.

2006 - 2020

Applied Science | Experience

Centre of Entrepreneurship

Private University of Applied Sciences (2008 - 2020)

Co-Head of Centre of Entrepreneurship and Go-Entrepreneurship Lab (GoE Lab).

Part time Professor in E-Entrepreneurship and E-Business

Private University of Applied Sciences (2008 - 2020)

Doing applied sciences with contribution to eCommerce, Performance Marketing (SEA, SEO & Co.). Lectures in Innovation Management, E-Business, (E-)Entrepreneurship.

EXIST | University Spin offs

Georg-August University (2006 - 2008)

Scientific Assistant and Head of Dept. University EXIST Seed Projects (Spin offs).

1992 - 2006


PhD in Business Information Systems

Georg-August University (2002 - 2006)

Scientific Associate, holding lectures in E-Business, SAP, Business Information Systems.

Diploma in Business Information Systems

Georg-August University (1996 - 2002)

Diploma with focus on Business Information Systems, Marketing, Industrial Management and Corporate Management.

2007 - today

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Dr. Manfred P. Zilling

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